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What we do and how we do it... Briefly!

This is a whistle-stop tour through our repertoire of activities and how we deliver them safely, ensuring they remain fun and engaging and leave everlasting memories. 


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Perhaps the most gentle (and driest!) of the water sports!
On our fun and engaging canoe sessions students will learn to paddle tandem in a Canadian canoe and master the art of turning and controlling the boat.

Ratio: 1:8 / 2:12
Available in: 
Snowdonia, Mid Wales, Austria, Slovenia, Norway & France


The not so dry of the watersports!
In our kayaks students learn the basics of powering, steering and of course, what to do when it all goes wrong! Sessions are generally taught in a semi structured manner with the emphasis on games and fun.

Ratio: 1:8 / 2:12
Available in: 
Snowdonia, Mid Wales, Austria & Slovenia


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The new kid on the block - NOT dry!!
Standing on an inflatable paddle board and paddling across a lake... How hard can it be?! Well it isn't and we are very good at getting students zipping around in no time!

Ratio: 1:8 / 2:12
Available in: 
Snowdonia, Mid Wales, Austria, Slovenia & Norway

Climbing & Abseiling

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Our climbing sessions are aimed at teaching students not only how to climb and descend safely and like a gecko but to instil peer responsibility, communication and managing comfort zones.

Ratio: 1:8 / 2:12
Available in: 
Snowdonia, Mid Wales, Anglesey, Austria, Slovenia, Norway & France

Gorge Walking

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When in the Lakes we have to call it a 'Ghyll'!

Raft Building

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A teambuilding based activity revolving around building and paddling a raft

Mountain Walking

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A calm and reflective session looking at using our natural resources


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Traversing the rocky coastline with jumps, swims and climbs


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The big brother of Gorge Walking.
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