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UK travel regulatory bodies are working in conjunction with the UK government, and across Europe, to secure the best possible outcome for the UK travel industry and the travelling public as the UK departs the European Union. With some uncertainty still looming, we want to help schools prepare for their trips in the event of the possible unfolding scenarios from the 31 January 2020.

  • Firstly, we strongly advise against a group passport for the time being.
  • It is recommended that you have at least 6 months on your passport prior to departure.
  • EHIC - We recommend that travellers still take their EHIC but are prepared to use the protection provided by their travel insurance.
  • Air travel - UK citizens can be reassured that regardless of the Brexit outcome planes will still fly between the UK and the EU.
  • Coach travel - remember prior to the UK joining the EU in 1973, coach trips took place across borders without issue.
  • Visa applications for UK passport holders should not need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit date. 

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