Atlas Adventure

If your question is not noted below please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help...

How qualified are you?
We take safety very seriously. It is our business to manage risk in all of the activities and excursions that we offer. All of our activity staff hold National Governing Body qualifications for the sessions they run and ALL staff are first aid trained and DBS cleared. We are accredited by various bodies and have shown that our processes and policies achieve an excellent standard.

Are your hotels and centres inspected?
Yes. We have ongoing inspections for cleanliness, facilities, menus, kitchen standards, access facilities and safety in and around the property.

What if I need to speak to my son/daughter?
We would ask parents to allow their children to settle in and enjoy the experience. In the event of needing to contact your child urgently, we will of course organise this as soon as is practically possible given the nature of the activities and often the distances from site.

Do students have to wear helmets?
If the activity requires helmets (e.g. rock climbing) your child will be supplied with one and it will be fitted correctly for them. When skiing we have made it compulsory for all participants to wear skiing helmets.

My child has a severe nut allergy, is this a problem?
No, we can work with you to provide a nut free menu for your stay. All staff are also trained in the use of EpiPens so if there was to be an unforeseen issue this will be addressed quickly and competently.

Is my money safe?
Yes. We use a client trust account for any funds you pay to us. 

Can they take valuables?
Students are free to bring mobile phones and tablets etc but we must stress we are not responsible for loss or damage to them during your stay. We suggest ALL jewellery stays at home as it cannot be worn for most activities anyway.

My child can't swim is this a problem?
No, for all water based activities students wear buoyancy aids. If your child cannot swim 50m unaided, we ask you to let us know on the form so we can make our instructors aware.

Can we drop off/meet at the airport?
We leave this entirely up to the schools discretion. On all of our trips, travel to departure airports and back to school is included. From experience most school party leaders request parents to drop off/pick up from school. If you have special circumstances, please speak to your party leader at school.

Spending Money? How much?
On our trips, students will have opportunities to socialise and buy souvenirs. We recommend the school decide how much spending money is required but generally we suggest £10 per day, or the equivalent in local currency.

My child is away for their Birthday, can you do something?
Of course, if we are made aware prior to travel we make a special effort for that student on their birthday. Cake, balloons, a small gift from us etc.

Can I see your risk assessments/certifications?
Yes, sure. Please Email us with a list of your requirements and we will send you copies to look over.