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Whether you’re a regular at hitting the slopes with your school, or you’re considering planning your very first school ski trip – we’ve got some advice to make the whole thing a little more plain sailing, or should we say plain skiing!
School trips are our expertise, over the years we’ve experienced many different school trips, with a range of schools, age groups and locations. So we’ve rounded up all the wisdom we’ve gathered and put together some top tips for anyone organising a school ski trip. 
1.     Book your school ski trip as early as possible.
This gives parents plenty of notice for the trip and plenty of time to save, as a ski trip can be an expensive outlay for any family.
2.     Book through a school trip organiser.
Now we may be a little bit biased here, but honestly – if you book your trip through an experienced organiser, they’ll be able to help you find the best resort and accommodation to suit your needs, they can even help you save money in the long run too!
3.     Think small.
A ski trip is naturally a really exciting adventure for your students, but for many of them this will be their very first time hitting the slopes, so we’d recommend picking a smaller ski resort. A smaller resort will be far less intimidating for any first time skiers and will also keep your costs down.
4.     Stick to what you know.
If you’ve used a particular ski resort in the past and it’s worked well for your school, then stick to it! Finding the perfect ski resort for your group can be a difficult thing to master, so if you’re happy why change it?
5.     Offer a payment plan.
This one might seem a little obvious, but by offering a payment plan you’re not only making the trip easier to pay for, but you can also use this opportunity to offer security. If you ensure your payment plan is non-refundable  if a pupil decides to cancel, none of the other pupils will have to incur any additional costs as a consequence. 
6.     Pick a date.
One of the most popular dates out of the season is February half term – due to its popularity it’s actually a more expensive time to travel and the slopes can be very busy! We recommend choosing an alternative, Easter or pre-Christmas are great choices too.
7.     Allow for extra costs.
When pricing your trip, don’t be too frugal! It’s always a good idea to allow a little extra for any additional costs that might pop up unexpectedly, we recommend allowing a cash float for any emergencies or extra meals.
8.     Consider a dry run.
If your pupils are quite young or a lot of them are first time skiers, we’d recommend booking a day at the dry slopes. It’s a great way to let your pupils gain some confidence on the slopes and to get them used to wearing ski boots and skis – this will save you time when you get to the ski shop too! Use this website to help you find the nearest dry slopes centre to you.
9.     Get as much info early on.
The best time to request pupils information – eg. Full names, dates of birth etc. – is when you ask for the deposit. This is especially important if you’re flying and can save you time in the long run.
10. Don’t let the excitement wear off.
The best way to market your next ski trip, is off the excitement of the last one! 
If you want any help or advice planning your school ski trip, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can also view our school ski trip packages here.