Atlas Adventure
Did you know that the activities we offer can support your syllabus and exam-board for GCSE PE, BTEC Sport and Uniformed Services Courses? All while giving your students invaluable personal skills and a taste for adventure. 

Choosing a school trip that qualifies
Our school adventure trips include canoeing, kayaking, skiing and mountain activities, all of which are included as part of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities syllabus. When you register interest, our school trip organisers will evaluate your proposed package to see which elements we can use as a contribution to the core syllabus. Then, while away, we’ll work with your students to log learned outcomes for all activities so that they have evidence for coursework when back home.

These activities allow your students to:

  • Assess hazards inherent to activities including environmental factors;
  • Understand how to control risks;
  • Acquire and develop skills under applied conditions;
  • Select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas effectively;
  • Understand, observe and apply rules, conventions, scoring systems and safety aspects of participation and competition;
  • Analyse and act to improve their own performance and that of their fellow students;
  • Adopt a role within a team.
  • The GCSE program also includes BCU Paddle Power Passport Level 3 to 4.

Bringing the adventure to your school
If you’re unable to organise an outdoor adventure school trip, you can hire our mobile climbing wall, which also supports your GCSE syllabus. We will bring the adventure to you and supply everything you need, including:

  • All technical equipment
  • Two qualified instructors
  • Risk assessments
  • SOPS

While on-site, we will work with the students to use a minimum of two different climbs to demonstrate the specifications they need for their exam board. 

According to UK Climbing, students are often more enthusiastic when given the chance to participate in climbing as part of their GCSE PE or BTEC Sport. It gives them a chance to take part in an activity aside from the conventional options on offer, thereby increasing engagement.

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