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Skiing gives you moments and memories to last a lifetime it has a variety of lessons to be learnt to bring back to the classroom. However, you might be questioning which is the best destination to visit? Here's a guide to help you choose the best location for your students so they can experience the ultimate skiing adventure.


If you want to enjoy beautiful picturesque scenery, Austria immediately reaches the top of the list.  Austria offers some of the most varied ski terrains in Europe. The traditional farming villages offer cosy hospitality alongside excellent snow conditions and innovative life facilities. 

Austria is world famous for its English-speaking ski-schools and instructors, that run for every level skier to help students develop their skills further. 

Blessed with long and lavish snow seasons. The snow is generally powdery and fluffy well into spring.

Here's feedback from a previous school on their time in Austria. "Our students had a great time in Austria, this was our first time offering a ski trip, and Atlas made it very easy. The students have not stopped talking about the trip since we have returned to school."


Bulgaria is the home of top quality skiing without the price tag. There is a combination of reliable snow coverage and plenty of sunshine throughout the winter.

A trip to Bulgaria is excellent value for money, with something for everyone to enjoy. The ski schools are a great place to learn all the skiing basics and for the students to quickly build up their confidence.

With enchanting pine forests dusted in snow, Bulgaria doesn't skimp on scenery. Plus, the friendly and hospitable people make this a charming winter wonderland that student will love.

A recent teacher that visited our Bulgarian trip thought it was "a fabulous, affordable ski trip for our students. An excellent destination for our first ski trip and the support and assistance from Atlas throughout was superb. Thank you!"

We hope we've helped put your mind at rest, by learning more about which ski trip will be best suited to your students.

If you have a specific idea in mind for your school trip, did you know we offer a bespoke service at no additional cost? For more information on how this works, get in touch with our experienced school trip organiser today.