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If you’re following us on social media, you’ll have probably seen the buzz around our Mobile Climbing Wall. 

We don’t like to go on about it too much, but we are pretty passionate about teaching young people to climb. If you’ve never tried rock climbing yourself, you’ll probably be wondering why we’re so passionate about climbing and why we preach it so much? Well, today we’re explaining exactly what makes climbing so great!

So, what are the benefits of rock climbing?

  • Climbing uses nearly ALL of your muscle groups. Your legs, arms, back and abdominal muscles are all put to use, making climbing a great form of exercise

  • To succeed at climbing, you need to think of it almost as a puzzle. Which is the best route to take to reach the top? Climbing can improve mental agility, developing your problem-solving skills as well as your decision-making.

  • Climbing can teach you a lot about resilience! When you’re first starting out you’re bound to fall down – more than once! – but each time you get back up and start again, you’re learning valuable lessons about resilience.

  • When we visit a school with our mobile climbing wall, we always encourage students to work together. Whether that be helping each other choose the correct equipment, or discussing the best climbing technique. Climbing can really develop team-working skills in a fun environment.

  • Climbing can also be used as an educational tool for mindfulness. When you’re climbing your mind has one focus only, you’re not distracted by technology or overwhelmed by other thoughts, you’re in the zone. Therefore climbing can be a great tool for mental health.

  • Achieving a big challenge such as reaching the top of our climbing wall can have a great effect on students self-esteem, really boosting their self-confidence, the effects of which can last well back into the classroom.
Discover more of the health benefits Climbing can have on your students on the NHS website here.
If you’d like to find out more about hiring our climbing wall, visit our Atlas in Schools website here to enquire about booking.