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Has your child come running home excitedly from school, school letter or leaflet in hand, begging you to let them go on the annual School Ski Trip? 

A lot of parents feel apprehensive at the thought of their children going skiing for the first time – especially on a school trip. It’s often too easy to panic and picture the worst case scenario, but we’re here to put your minds at rest. Skiing is a hugely fun and beneficial extracurricular activity for children of any age, especially on a school trip where your little ones will be safe in the hands of experienced instructors.
At Atlas Adventure, we're used to answering questions from concerned parents and putting their minds at ease with our years of experience. Today, we wanted to share with you the many lessons your children will learn on their school ski trip.
Building strength and flexibility
One of the most obvious benefits of skiing are the positive effects it can have on your physical health. Skiing is a great form of exercise and can help improve your strength, flexibility and core stability – skiing works nearly every single muscle in your body!
Developing coordination and balance
Learning to ski is all about learning to balance and trusting your coordination skills. These skills can be hugely beneficial, particularly in other sports.
As we mentioned briefly, skiing can be a dangerous sport, which is why we take it very seriously and ensure that all our students are responsible before they hit the slopes. They’ll need to be responsible for themselves, their own speed, and aware of what is happening around them.
Enhanced communication skills
Communication is key to skiing! Students will all need to be focused and listening to their instructor to make sure they’re safe on the slopes, they’ll also need to learn to communicate with each other during any fun group tasks.
Learning to get back up again
Quite literally, when learning to ski you’ll get knocked down many times, and it’s tough to pick yourself back up again and try again at the end of a long day skiing, but students will continue to do so and will become more resilient and patient for doing so!
Becoming more focused
Skiing requires focus and concentration at all times on the slope. They’ll need to pay attention at all time to what’s going around them, and focusing on exactly what they’re asked to do by their instructor.

We hope we've helped put your mind at rest, by learning more about how a ski trip could be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for your child! School ski trips hosted by a reputable school trip organiser are a safe - and fun! - environment for your children.

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